Arn Magnusson is born in 1150, in Western Sweden. At the age of 5, he had a life-threatening accident, and was believed to be saved thanks to his mother's prayers to Saint Bernhard of Clairvaux. He spent the next twelve years of his life at a monastery in Varnhem, Sweden.  He met a former Knight Templar, who instructed him in the use of the sword and the art of medieval war being used in the Holy Lands. The Prior, Father Henri, told Arn to witness for himself the outside world, and only after that would he be able to take the eternal vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. He grows up to become an educated young man and a skilled warrior. In the monastery in Sweeden, Arn meets Cecilia, the love of his life. Then a cruel and jealous world forces Arn and Cecilia apart. Cecilia is imprisoned in a monastery. Arn is sent to the Holy Land as a Knight Templar, where war is raging between Christians and Muslims. Arn and Cecilia both have to struggle to survive to learn how to confront evil and overcome physical hardship. Their painful separation causes their faith in God to waver though not their faith in each other, and their conviction that they will one day be reunited. When Arn returns home, he has to fight for his love and what has become his mission: to unite Sweden into one Kingdom.  To get a glimpse into the real life story of Arm Magnusson, you may view the film Arn: The Knights Templar in the Chateau De La Mer, Cinema by the Sea movie theater.

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