Isolde, also known as Iseult, is an Irish princess who is famous as the wife of Mark of Cornwall and the lover of Tristan. Her mother, the Queen of Ireland, is also named Isolde.  Isolde is first seen as a young princess who heals Tristan from wounds he received fighting her uncle, Morholt. When his identity is revealed, Tristan flees back to his own land. Later, Tristan returns to Ireland to gain Isolde's hand in marriage for his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall. She is betrothed to an evil steward who claims to have killed a dragon and displays its head, but when Tristan proves he killed the dragon by showing that he already took its tongue, Iseult's parents agree to let him take her to Mark. On the journey back to Cornwall, Isolde and Tristan accidentally drink a love potion prepared for her and Mark by Isolde and guarded by Brangaine, Isolde's lady-in-waiting. The two fall hopelessly in love, and begin an affair that ends when Mark banishes Tristan from Cornwall.  To find out more about the Irish princess Isolde and how her story ends, research Tristan and Isolde or watch the 2005 film Tristan & Isolde, starring James Franco and Sophia Myles in the Chatea De La Mer, Cinema by the Sea theater.

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