The story of Tristan is set in 5th century England and Ireland.  Mark of Cornwall plans to unify the peoples of Britain the Celts, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes under himself as king to resist Irish domination.

Most lords agree to this, as Mark is highly regarded and respected as a fair and courageous leader. The Irish king Donnchadh discovers this and sends troops to attack a Jutish Castle where a treaty between the British tribes is being discussed. The raid claims the lives of the castle's lord and his wife, but Mark manages to save their son, at the cost of losing a hand. Feeling compassion for the young boy, whose father loyally supported him, Mark welcomes Tristan into his home and regards him as a son.

Tristan grows into a fierce, courageous warrior whose loyalty to Mark is that of a son to his father. Tristan and other Cornish warriors launch an attack on an Irish slave caravan. Tristan fights Morholt, the champion and leader of the army of Donnchadh, whose lord's daughter, Princess Isolde, has been promised to Morholt in marriage. Though Tristan kills Morholt his forces are overrun, he is severely wounded in the fight and believed dead, though he is in fact only suffering the effects of Morholt's poisoned sword.  Tristan's body is put out to sea on a funeral boatwhich eventually washes up along the shores of Ireland. He is discovered by Isolde and her maid, Bragnae, who administer an antidote that revives him. Bragnae insists that Isolde conceal her identity so Isolde tells Tristan her name is Bragnae and that she is a lady-in-waiting. Tristan and Isolde fall in love as she nurses him back to health. The two lovers must separate after Tristan's boat is discovered. Tristan returns to Cornwall and receives a hero's welcome. A confused but overjoyed Mark welcomes him back with open arms. Plotting to defeat Britain, Donnchadh proposes a peace treaty, promising his daughter Isolde in marriage to the winner of a tournament. Tristan wins the tournament on behalf of Mark, unaware that "the prize" is the woman he fell in love with in Ireland. When he discovers the truth about Isolde, he is heartbroken to see her betrothed to Mark, but accepts it since the marriage will end "a hundred years of bloodshed."

To find out if Tristan will be with the woman he loves, you may screen the 2006 film Tristan & Isolde, by the acclaimed producer and director, Ridley Scott  available in the Chateau De La Mer, Cinema by the Sea, movie theater.

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